The story of Cosmic Buddies begins on Titius,

which is located between Neptune and Pluto, 50.4 astronomical units from Earth. Titius is a world full of biodiversity, beauty, peace, respect and love. Titians have existed for a very long time, many years before humans. They are colourful, smart and small.

Titius - Cosmic Buddies home planet

One day six Titians - Grutius, Bobotius, Lili, Ned, Goratius and Maca are playing together when a mysterious object appears in the sky. The friends aren't frightened; they are curious and keen to find out more about the object.

Cosmic Buddies find a strange object

Suddenly without any warning, there is a big bright flash and the friends are magically transported to planet Earth.

Cosmic Buddies are transported to Earth