Published 20 November 2017

Today, Lili, Ned, Bobotius and Grutius are going to make Goratius and Maca

A Mindful Jar


They want to teach them all about how strong emotions can take hold, and how it can be possible to find peace when these strong emotions appear.

It is easy to make a Mindful Jar - the first thing the Cosmic Buddies did was to fill a large jar almost to the top with water. Next they added a large spoonful of clear glue and dry glitter to the water. They put the lid on the jar and give it a shake.

As the glitter swirled around in the jar, they explained to Goratius and Maca that to make the Mindful Jar work, they needed to imagine that the glitter is what their thoughts are like when they are angry, upset, stressed and mad. When they swirl around it is really hard to see clearly. That’s why when they are upset; it is so easy to make silly and bad decisions, because they are not thinking clearly. They wanted them to know that this wasn’t something to worry about, it’s normal and happens to us all – even the grown ups!

They placed the jar in front of Goratius and Maca and they all watched as the glitter started to settle and the waters clear. They explained that their minds work in a similar way and when they are calm for a while, their thoughts will start to settle and they can begin to see things much more clearly.


For Parents

A Mindful Jar can help to teach children about how emotions can cloud their thoughts. By focusing on the swirling glitter in the jar they are practising mindfulness.

Note: it is possible to substitute glue and dry glitter with a spoonful of glitter glue.


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